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What a difference a headline can make!

Jul 28th, 2010   10:45 am

I use Google Reader to flick through headlines of various RSS feeds I’m interested in. With many thousands of articles in a given week, I really glance through the headlines before deciding to read any provided excerpt. Only if the excerpt tickles my fancy will I actually read the rest of the article.
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3 My App School experience

Aug 10th, 2009   4:58 pm

I attended the first App School some weeks back and, as a staunch critic of week-long training courses, I’ve come to be convinced of the opposite.

If you’re a developer, no matter how experienced, interested in iPhone development, read on!
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1 Review (TuesdayPush)

Mar 10th, 2009   6:37 pm

Munster Rugby is arguably the most successful club/provincial rugby brand in the northern hemisphere. You know a rugby brand is successful when you have a huge portion of followers from an opposing club or province. It’s the Man United of rugby!
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