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Seek forward/backward plugin for Rhythmbox

Aug 1st, 2013   5:12 pm

If you use Rhythmbox media player (which is the default in recent Ubuntu / Debian Gnome releases), you might have expected the ability to seek backwards/forwards within the current track. Just about every other media player I’ve used has this ability to skip forward, say, 10 seconds. Not so with an out-of-the-box Rhythmbox.

Here’s a plugin to rectify that. Using keyboard shortcuts <Ctrl> + Left and <Ctrl> + Right (or the associated menu items under the “Control” menu), you can now do just that.

The plugin will seek forward by 10 seconds, and seek backwards by 5 seconds (which is based on my personal media player & DVR usage patterns).

Feel free to contribute, fork, submit pull requests, etc., over on the project page on GitHub. You can report any issues there, too.

Finally, the plugin has no installer, but you’ll find easy install instructions on the project page, as well.


Download / Docs

1 Installing Indefero on Ubuntu Precise Pangolin

May 6th, 2012   11:34 pm

Indefero is an open-source Git hosting web app, built on PHP (using the PLUF framework) and MySQL. I use it for some clients because it is shared hosting friendly (no need to set up Ruby on Rails or daemons, as with Gitorious). Here’s a quick guide to installing it on the latest (as of time of writing) Ubuntu release, Precise Pangolin v12.04 LTS.

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Mac keyboard, Ubuntu Synergy server, and Mac Synergy client

Jun 23rd, 2011   6:45 pm

This post serves to highlight just how awkward my setup is, and as a guide to help with anyone with a similar setup (all 3 of you, worldwide).

I’ve recently started using Synergy to control my Macbook from my Ubuntu (10.04, if that turns out to matter!) desktop. However, I use the slim Apple USB keyboard on my Ubuntu desktop (a subject of previous posts here). They key mappings for Alt and Command on my Mac were reversed when I was controlling the Macbook. I.e. the Apple keyboard wasn’t being reported as such to the operating system. Here’s a snippet from the synergy configuration file showing the swap to make the Apple keyboard work as expected on a Mac Synergy client. If you use QuickSynergy, the config file is in ~/.quicksynergy/synergy.conf.

section: screens
		alt = super
		super = alt