2 IEDR .ie (domain-only) Retail Price comparison

This page serves to compare all Official “A” resellers of the .ie domain. An A Reseller is the higher-tier (higher volume of .ie registrations).

This comparison is only useful for those seeking a .ie domain without any hosting services. That might be those who register a domain with one company, and host it elsewhere (which can often be a cheaper way of doing it).

.ie Retail Price Comparison:

Or in fancy colours:


[...] blog posts for each .ie price comparison update I do, I’ve moved it to a permanent home at http://cgarvey.ie/blog/ie-price-comparison/ where you’ll find the latest update from now [...]


Jan 28th, 2009   3:54 pm

Jan '09 update: Top of the table LetsHost and Blacknight further reduce their prices. The biggest price reduction from WebWorld.ie. Also a few hosts are offering free or cheap registrations if you choose to host with them as well. Register365 are doing free .IEs, for example. LetsHost still top of the table with their guaranteed lowest .IE prices.

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