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14 Remotely applying IPCop patches from the command line

Jul 29th, 2008   1:57 pm

IPCop has a built in (although sometimes broken) download/apply UI for patches / security updates. However, it is broken sometimes, and there are times where it’s easier do it over SSH (slow, or unreliable connectivity, for example). Having Googled a bit, there wasn’t an immediate or obvious solution, so I dug around in the CGI scripts to see how it’s done.
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My attempts at cancelling Setanta Sports

Now that the hurling championship is in full swing with RTE and TV3 providing coverage, and with Rugby season over (bar tests which are not on Setanta anyway), I’ve no need for Setanta for the next while. So I went about cancelling it today.

First and foremost, they don’t provide a geographical number, just an 0818 “Universal Access” number (whose original intent was to be a standard “national” rate, but now most providers charge a premium for calls, most don’t bundle, and mobile operators smack on quite a profit). So I use Skype (to beat my Digiweb Metro rates and my o2 rates).
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Visit the website of the NRA and you’ll need to login to the INTO

May 30th, 2008   3:59 pm

Listening to a piece on Newstalk about the barrier-free M50 tolling, I decided to lookup However, as with a lot of sites still (in this day in age, yada yada), that address doesn’t work, and you need to use

However, if you visit the former, you’ll be prompted for a username/password for is the website of the INTO (Irish National Teachers Organisation).

Sites not working unless you use the www. are annoying enough, but sites that use the root domain ( in this case) to point to a non-public website, or a website of a different meaning altogether are far more annoying.

Both are hosted with Novara (now a part of Digiweb), but I’m not sure who is responsible for the sites.