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Unlocking your o2 broadband modem

Jan 7th, 2011   12:48 am

If you, like me, have an o2 broadband (midband, really) modem, made by Huawei, that you want to unlock to use with other services, you can get quite the run around if you Google how to do this. There are many options (and most Huawei models seem to be easily unlocked), that charge from €5 to €15 for a code to unlock, with the most common one appearing to be (deliberately not linked!).

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4 Emergency services digital radio spectrum licence applications now being accepted, but at a price!

Aug 19th, 2008   12:41 pm

The 8-year old trial of the new digitial radio system for the emergency services (not just the Gardaí) has come under some fire for its delay in provisioning, with Gardaí having to use their own mobile phones, at their personal expense, in many cases where sensitive communications is required, or in an area not served by the existing analouge system.
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