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What a difference a headline can make!

Jul 28th, 2010   10:45 am

I use Google Reader to flick through headlines of various RSS feeds I’m interested in. With many thousands of articles in a given week, I really glance through the headlines before deciding to read any provided excerpt. Only if the excerpt tickles my fancy will I actually read the rest of the article.
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Galway have seen the back of Loughnane

Oct 14th, 2008   12:53 am

Galway county board delegates have narrowly voted to see the back of hurling manager, Ger Loughnane. One particular photo I took last year springs to mind:

Regardless of his nature, or how he has behaved, he is a great servant to hurling and to Clare hurling in particular. For that, and that alone, I wish him well.

My attempts at cancelling Setanta Sports

Now that the hurling championship is in full swing with RTE and TV3 providing coverage, and with Rugby season over (bar tests which are not on Setanta anyway), I’ve no need for Setanta for the next while. So I went about cancelling it today.

First and foremost, they don’t provide a geographical number, just an 0818 “Universal Access” number (whose original intent was to be a standard “national” rate, but now most providers charge a premium for calls, most don’t bundle, and mobile operators smack on quite a profit). So I use Skype (to beat my Digiweb Metro rates and my o2 rates).
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