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8 Blog software of choice of the Irish Blog Awards ’09 short-listed

Feb 22nd, 2009   5:08 am

Update: Stats now shown for winners and short-listed (of their respective category), and the overall “Grand Prix” winner.

@donncha and @micheleneylon tweeted about the stats of the blogging technology behind this year’s Irish Blog Awards, organised by Damien Mulley. It got me thinking about the stats of the software used by all those short-listed in the blog awards. Here they are!
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4 Emergency services digital radio spectrum licence applications now being accepted, but at a price!

Aug 19th, 2008   12:41 pm

The 8-year old trial of the new digitial radio system for the emergency services (not just the Gardaí) has come under some fire for its delay in provisioning, with Gardaí having to use their own mobile phones, at their personal expense, in many cases where sensitive communications is required, or in an area not served by the existing analouge system.
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Magenta for Engadget

Apr 1st, 2008   11:29 pm

I don’t tend jump on every campaign going, but as a regular reader of Engadget, I thought I was witnessing an early April Fools Day post when I read that Deutche Telekom (T-Mobile to me and you) had instigated legal proceedings over Engadget’s use of a Magenta. The linked post explains it a lot better than I can, but is another fine example of law firms gone mad™. To lend my support, the leading banner of this site will be in Engadget Magenta for the next few days. Hopefully DT/T-Mobile will see sense on this issue.

What to do about junk snail mail spam

Sep 8th, 2006   1:18 am

So, we’ve new laws on email spam, and a general consensus to try and reduce, or eradicate, the problem. What are we to do with junk snail mail spam? Well, Damien Mulley talks up a recent Indo piece which highlights an under-performing service by the IDMA to allow users logged out. He raises very valid points about how ineffective it is, but stops short of the bigger problem, in my opinion.
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