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Mac keyboard, Ubuntu Synergy server, and Mac Synergy client

Jun 23rd, 2011   6:45 pm

This post serves to highlight just how awkward my setup is, and as a guide to help with anyone with a similar setup (all 3 of you, worldwide).

I’ve recently started using Synergy to control my Macbook from my Ubuntu (10.04, if that turns out to matter!) desktop. However, I use the slim Apple USB keyboard on my Ubuntu desktop (a subject of previous posts here). They key mappings for Alt and Command on my Mac were reversed when I was controlling the Macbook. I.e. the Apple keyboard wasn’t being reported as such to the operating system. Here’s a snippet from the synergy configuration file showing the swap to make the Apple keyboard work as expected on a Mac Synergy client. If you use QuickSynergy, the config file is in ~/.quicksynergy/synergy.conf.

section: screens
		alt = super
		super = alt

2 Irish-friendly keyboard layout for an Apple aluminium USB keyboard on Ubuntu

Jan 18th, 2011   3:07 am

By default, Ubuntu has plenty of Irish keyboard layouts which will let you type a fada on your vowels. However, if you’re using an Apple aluminium USB keyboard, like me, your layout options are restricted. I have the UK variant of the keyboard, which does have a corresponding layout in Ubuntu (under United Kingdom > Macintosh), but that doesn’t provide support fadas (acute accents).

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Unlocking your o2 broadband modem

Jan 7th, 2011   12:48 am

If you, like me, have an o2 broadband (midband, really) modem, made by Huawei, that you want to unlock to use with other services, you can get quite the run around if you Google how to do this. There are many options (and most Huawei models seem to be easily unlocked), that charge from €5 to €15 for a code to unlock, with the most common one appearing to be (deliberately not linked!).

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