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Munster Under 20s well handled by their Leinster counterparts

Sep 2nd, 2006   2:44 am

There’s no denying that the Munster Under 20s team were well beaten this evening, but there were some encouraging individual performances. This Munster supporter was in amongst many Leinster fans, one of which took great comfort in calling the red-shirts “Biffos”. I pointed out that the “o” was for Offaly, which was in which province?
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One Munster man figures he’s nothing to lose in Toulouse

Apr 3rd, 2006   11:04 pm

Rugby’s Heineken Cup 2006 semi-finalists, Leinster, seemed to have got it all right on the day, as they took on the Toulouse on their doorstep; a challenge all teams would agree was a tough one. Here’s my account of how this Munster rugby newbie got on!
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Clare go down to the Premier county

Jun 7th, 2005   9:15 am

In a poor performance in even poorer weather conditions, the Banner went down to an on-form Tipperary team on Sunday, in the Gaelic Grounds in Limerick. Having started out the day stuck in traffic for 45 minutes in Ennis, I should have felt an unease about the day, but I didn’t. I knew it was going to be a tough game to claim, despite many Clare fans thinking it would be easy, and many Tipp fans writing it off. The 2 games Tipp had against Limerick certainly brought them up to Munster Championship class and, thus, completely outclassed Clare at every position on the field.
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Cats shocked by The Banner

Mar 21st, 2005   3:09 pm

I think I can safely say that neither Clare or Kilkenny were expecting Clare to put up such a performance yesterday in the NHL match. Clare, who only had a mediocre performance display during the course of the league, went down badly to Galway, in their first truely tough match (although many Laois supporters will quite rightly point out that Clare were luck to win their earlier game).
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