Clampers changed already

Dec 16th, 2004   4:38 pm

So I’ve read in the past about the new clamping contract (for Dublin City) being awarded to Park Rite. I also understood that all staff would be undergoing a training program to improve their well publicised lack of customer service skills (and general social skills in a lot of cases I heard about).

What I wasn’t expecting was the speed of this turnaround. Either that, or I’ve just been extremely lucky. The story goes, my car was in the garage.. I’m looking out the window at the replacement car I got, parked right outside. I giggle as I see clampers putting the clamp on (as I really hate when people park on this road, totally with the attitude that they don’t have to pay, because they’re above everyone else). Then I realise it’s my own car.. Oooops!

So out I run, and plead my case. I was amazed they even stopped to listen, let alone say OK, but to stick on a visitor’s permit (which I completely forgot to do in the first case). I thanked them kindly and they removed the partial clamp. Kudos! I for one am impressed and hope that this is not a rare case!

Then there was the jeep behind me who went came back a couple of minutes later (no more than a couple after the clampers had left), bought a ticket and then rang (presumably the clamping office) to give out. A garda arrived and left again (presumably because he was having none of it).. over an hour later your man rings again, and pays. I have his CC number and address now!! He used the speaker phone up at full volume, and up to his ear .. go figure. In case you’re feeling any pity towards him.. don’t .. he had parked there all morning and tried to pull the wool over the clampers (and presumably the garda).

/vent over