Revisit: Steve Jobs introduces the Macintosh in 1984

Jan 27th, 2005   5:59 am

Although, primarily a PC user, I do admire Macs, and have done right through their history.. price is the only thing putting me off right now (it used to be peripheral device support, but that’s more or less sorted).

If you have broadband, it’s well worth a look at the original release of the Mac, back in 1984. There are some links to download it on this blogging site.

It was a huge step in personal computing history, even the most avid (IBM based) PC fans will have to admit that .. and it reminds me so much, of present-day MacWorlds. The audience erupts when the Mac generates a scrolling “M A C I N T O S H” across the screen, it’s amazing to watch.. so stop reading this and go download it!!