Higher DSL on the way from eircom

Mar 15th, 2005   2:34 pm

Eircom have announced higher download speeds for their retail and wholesale ADSL/RADSL offerings. Basically:
512Kbps > 1Mbps RADSL
512Kbps > 2Mbps ADSL
1 > 3Mbps
2 > 4Mbps

There has been no mention of caps which a sane person can presume will be increased. Nor has there been any mention of upload speeds increasing (currently 128Kbps for RADSL users and 256Kbps for ADSL users).

While the download speed is welcome, I’d much prefer the upload speed to be raised, and for interleaving to be turned off. So hopefully even more intense competition (you think it’s coincidence that Smart Telecom’s announcement to enter into the DSL market with an entry 2Mb product preceded eircom’s announcement by only a few weeks?) will finally deliver some value for money. But what of the dire state of the phone line network?

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