1 AirTricity’s website isn’t AirTricity.ie, but EirTricity.ie

Jun 7th, 2005   11:38 am

I’ve just been listening to a snip on Newstalk 106 about AirTricity, and the savings (ethical, and financial) to be had when you switch over.

I think ESB is one of the best utility companies around (in terms of customer service), but they do use very little renewable energy sources in their supply. The time to take responsibility and switch to renewable sources is, now!

I’ve been tempted to switch to AirTricity, so I Googled for their website. Eventually I found www.eirtricity.ie , but everyone refers to the company as AirTricity, including themselves.. go figure. Also, nowhere on their site do they seem to mention the costs of electricity with them. They do seem to encourage residential customers, so I would have thought that there’d be some basic costs or cost comparisons on the site.. alas…



Oct 25th, 2006   2:51 pm

UPDATE: They've since updated their websites.. their site is currently at AirTricity.com

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