6 Creative Audigy 2 Platinum driver issues on Windows XP

Jun 9th, 2005   12:24 pm

So the problem was that with a fresh install of Windows XP Service Pack 2, the Audigy software was installing but failing to work properly after install. Using the original Installation CD, it would go through the install just fine, but on reboot, trying to open any of the Audigy applications (such as Speaker Calibration, EAX Console) would result in an error hinting at installation / hardware recognition issues. For example “Surround Mixer” “Unable to load needed components”. Diagnostics was failing all bar DirectSound 3D.

So there was a good few posts on the Soundblaster.com forums.. some hinting that a “clean sweep” would work. The link supplied was to this Knowledge Base article.. but a reinstall after that yielded the same results.

So my solution was to download the latest drivers and manually install them. At the time of writing, that was v1.84.55. If you just run the .exe it will probably fail saying it couldn’t find any existing compatible drivers to update (sigh!). So I extracted it with WinRAR. And within the Drivers folder of the extracted file is a CTZAPXX.exe application. I ran it first selecting the Driver Uninstallation option first (and ticking “Delete all shared Creative audio driver files”), and rebooted.

On reboot, I canceled out of the standard New Hardware Found / Device Driver installation dialog boxes. I ran the same CTZAPXX.exe application again, this time opting for “Driver Installation” and ticking “Overwrite existing shared Creative audio driver files”. Another reboot later (just for good measure), I let the New Hardware wizard do it’s thing, and all is hunky dory.

I’ve not seen a solution to this anywhere, so I said I’d type it up, in the hope that it’d save someone the hours of frustration I went through.


Aug 1st, 2005   3:14 pm

I have an Audigy 2 Value, and I'm also experiencing the same problem... although your method of repair doesn't help me :( being a value, no updated drivers are listed for it. Any ideas on what I should do?


Aug 1st, 2005   8:55 pm

Nope, I'm afraid not.. I feel your pain though, because it sure was a nightmare trying to find a solution for this.. I hadn't/haven't tried Creative's support request though, so maybe that's an option?
Aug 2nd, 2005   7:55 am

I called tech-support, what a waste of time that was. I've got the sound working, just none of the accesories work except for audio console, not even diagnostics works, haha. Oh well, if I solve the problem, I'll be sure to note the resolution here :)
Aug 10th, 2005   9:12 pm

http://www.ntcompatible.com/thread.php?id=32925 my thread on ntcompatible.com :)
Nov 18th, 2005   1:31 pm

nice one... I had exactly this problem and it was driving me mad. I can confirm that this works. Thanks a lot.
Aug 26th, 2008   3:35 am

Aargh. Sadly this didn't work for me, and I still have those errors. Something worth noting is that if you've modified your Creative drivers at all, using a previous System Restore point will likely only make your problems worse. At least, that's what it does here :( I now have a beautiful mixture of "runs but displays nothing", "won't run", "claims I have no supported devices" and I still have the problems I set out to try to fix. Gah. You'd think I'd have learnt by now that if by some miracle Creative's drivers are working you should under no circumstances, no matter how "critical" the update or how many issues it addresses, actually attempt to install it. :(

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