Strategy Analytics can predict the future, with pinpoint accuracty

Oct 6th, 2005   10:18 pm

ENN are reporting :

Though Microsoft is likely to benefit from being the first of the three games console makers to release its next-generation console, a recent report by Strategy Analytics suggests that Sony’s PlayStation 3 will win 61 percent of the next-generation console market by 2012. The report predicts that Sony will sell 122 million PS3s worldwide, Microsoft will sell 59 million Xbox 360s, while Nintendo’s Revolution will trail the pack, selling just under 18 million units globally by 2012.

It’s not surprising for ENN to publish such gibberish but, I mean, doesn’t predicting the number of consoles to be sold worldwide over the next 7 years push the credibility of such a report? Who do Strategy Analytics actually expect to believe them?