The Race for Windows on Mac drawing to a close?

Mar 14th, 2006   10:42 am

It seems that the race for getting Windows to (dual) boot on an Intel based Mac is drawing to a close with the exciting news yesterday that 2 solutions are in the works, with 1 expected this week.

The first solution (as demonstrated by an arguably accurate screenshot on Flickr) is being evaluated and documented, but is expected to be the winner. Details are still absent, but it seems to be from a credible source. Time will tell!

The second solution seems the more technically sound solution. The root of the problem is the BIOS that all PC owners have come to love/loathe is not present in the Intel-based Macs. Instead a newer form of loader, EFI, which is not readily compatible with BIOS. Que left BAMBIOS which boots under EFI and emulates a BIOS (or some of it at least, thus far) so that BIOS-aware operating systems (older Linux, Windows 2000/XP, etc.) can boot. Maybe the first undocumented solution is actually based on this second solution, details are that sketchy. Good luck to the person who wins the currently $12k bounty!