Telco Alert: SuperComm dodgy offering

Apr 27th, 2006   5:40 pm

If you’ve been getting faxes (businesses primarily, I presume) from SuperCom offering “Low Cost Mobile & International Calls”, be sceptical.

5 times over the last 10 days, I’ve had a 2 page fax from a company claiming to be SuperComm Ireland Ltd. Basically they offer international calls through a national rate 0818 number, and access from a mobile via 1520 premium rate number.

Nothing new there. There are many legitimate companies offering this. Of course, if you’re a mobile user, you’ll need to be aware that the cost of dialling premium rate numbers (including 1520) is often higher than the standard eircom.

What caught my attention was that there was no contact details. No website, no phone number, no email address, no postal address. Further more Supercomm Ireland Ltd. doesn’t exist as an Irish company, and is not authorised by ComReg to provide telecommunications services. Never mind that they spell their name as both SuperCom and SuperComm on the same fax, or that they manage to have only “Start Saving NOW!!!” on the 2nd page of a fax that looks like it was designed as part of a national school project.

While it’s possible that they are a legitimate business, you’d be one brave and stupid person/business to take SuperCom up on their offer based on the facts in that fax. Or to quote Father Ted, “Careful Now”!