ResellerClub play dirty in their advertising

May 3rd, 2006   7:57 pm

ResellerClub (aka DirectI), are currently advertising .org domains for $1.49 (wholesale/reseller rate). You don’t see any * to point to restrictions, just a blanket $1.49 offer price (for 1 year only). They’ve emailed resellers about it, they’ve designed new banner graphics for the promo, they let you search for the .org domain, add it to your basket and enter customer details.

THEN, and ONLY then, do they change (without explanation) they up the charge to $6.99 in your cart. Again no *, or footnote (or big red warning!) to explain this.

So looking up the support site (clicking on the banner ads will bring you to the wrong section of the right page), one will see that the offer is restricted to registrants from “the Latin American/Caribbean, Chinese/Southeast Asian and African Countries”!!!

Very dirty trick, if you ask me. Very misleading. Although DirectI are themselves based there, their presence is very much US. I’d love to see a break down of their registrants’ countries, but I’d be very surprised if EU/US didn’t make up the vast majority of their registrants/customers.