1 CGI.pm upload issues in v3.21

Aug 23rd, 2006   3:38 pm

I spent a little too much time today trying to figure out why a simple line wouldn’t work in a file upload PERL script, based on the common CGI module.

The line in question was..

my( $fUploadedFileHandle ) = $query->upload( 'file' );

.. and I was generating a line in the web server logs ..

CGI::upload: syntax error at cgindex.cgi line 1539

Some time later, after trying to pawn it off on someone else, I finally checked out the CGI.pm bugs page, and sure enough the latest version, v3.21, has a simple typo bug in it. Until a new revision is released, running the supplied patch works just dandy.



Aug 25th, 2006   9:57 am

An attempted fix in v3.22 also had a typo, but all looks good in v3.23

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