2 How hard is it to produce a functioning GIS/mapping application?

Sep 2nd, 2006   2:39 am

Well it seems, despite the megabucks budget, Limerick Corporation have failed to deliver a basic mapping application to service their planning application systems. If they’d paid an Limerick IT (or LRTC to us old skool boyz) student a hundred quid to integrate the Google Maps API, they’d have better served their target audience. However, once again, the “if it costs more, it must be better” principle prevailed. The broken system seems to be powered by Proteus, who belong in the last decade, judging by their website, or, at best, not in the web services sector.

What’s wrong with it? Well for starters, it’s IE-only, and not alone that, but it relies on a custom ActiveX control. Early 90s technology for a public service body? I appreciate that Web 2.0 is a bit of a marketing fad, but there are some “ways and means” of doing things on the web which are well established practices, and ActiveX is not one of them. It’s not rocket science, but no doubt Proteus proclaimed it was, for a fee.


Sep 2nd, 2006   6:12 am

Google maps do not snap to the Irish ordnance survey datasets used by the county councils so you wouldn't want to interlink a Google map API to a Limerick database unless you could accept errors of up to 20 miles.


Sep 2nd, 2006   10:11 am

Agreed Bernard, I was more referring to the way Google, and most other mapping solutions don't require that much of the browser (like the dreaded ActiveX). Mind you, if they did use Google Maps (and translated to standard long/lat coords), I'd have something more useful than I do now (even with ActiveX).

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