2 Crypt SSLeay problems on Ubuntu?

Oct 14th, 2006   2:22 pm

If you’re having problems installing the Perl Crypt::SSLeay v0.5.1 module on Ubuntu, you might take a look at one workaround until a better fix comes a long.

In summary, if you need to install this module, you’ll need OpenSSL headers (which don’t get installed by default). So install them…
apt-get install libssl-dev
… and then grab the module source from CPAN, or go to the ~/.cpan/build/… directory if you have already tried. In the extracted source edit the file SSLeay.xs and insert the following line at line 124…
… do a make clean, and try again. Obviously, this only applies to v0.5.1 of the module.


Chuck Renner
Oct 22nd, 2006   6:18 pm

Thanks! I needed fetchmail to be able to use https for the way I have my request-tracker set-up with apache2 (on an ubuntu 6.06 server). fetchmail kept telling me that I needed Crypt::SSLeay . The build kept failing. I already had libssl-dev installed. Your one-line edit fixed the problem!
Nov 18th, 2006   8:36 am

this is so cool! I've tried hard to make Crypt:SSLeay be installed in Ubuntu 6.10. Your fix solve it! Perfect

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