3 Domain-only .ie price comparison [April 2008 Update]

Mar 12th, 2008   12:42 am

The .ie domain-only retail price comparison now has a new permanent home at http://cgarvey.ie/ie-price-comparison/!


Paul Kelly
Mar 12th, 2008   9:10 am

Cathal, do you work for any of the above mentioned companies or competitors of theirs that you didn't mention? Paul


Apr 8th, 2008   4:54 pm

Sorry for delay Paul, after a WordPress upgrade my comments were getting blocked. No, I don't work for any of the above mentioned companies, in any way. My only connection is that I am, and have been, a customer of some of them, that's all.
[...] rationale behind this comparison is more thoroughly discussed in my previous post. In summary, this comparison is really only valid for people/companies that just want the domain, [...]

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