Trouble-shooting “Untrusted software found” errors on Series 60 devices (e.g. Nokia s60)

Mar 26th, 2008   4:14 am

If you’re being driven close to insanity by the error message “Untrusted software found” when inserting your memory card, or rebooting your phone, then there’s 1 tip that might help! My Nokia e61i Series 60 (s60) phone was giving me this message after I’d installed a few different applications. Rather than go and uninstall all my applications from the App Manager, I tried just the last 2 or 3 I’d installed, but to no avail.

There’s a Nokia Forums thread on how to resolve this message. It suggests checking in your App Manager for instances of randomly named applications that aren’t installed (like a100181ac.sis) and removing a similarly named folder in the hidden Private folder at the root of your memory card. So insert your card in to a reader, or mount the phone in Data Transfer mode (via USB cable), look in the Private folder (you’ll need to set Explorer to display hidden/system folders; assuming you’re using Windows).

However I did that, and it didn’t help resolve the error in my case. So I deleted most of the folders in the Private folder (after first checking their contents). I don’t know if I needed to, or if a further phone reboot after deleting the 1 folder that matched the single random entry in my App Manager. However the other folders contained .sis files (which, by my reckoning, should already be installed) or temporary data mainly of apps I’d already installed.

So! If you’re brave enough, look in the hidden Private folder at the root of your memory card and try to match up with the random named applications in App Manager, deleting at will 🙂