17 Getting a “Content Encoding Error” message in Firefox?

Jun 3rd, 2008   3:07 pm

I, and others, have been getting a “Content Encoding Error” message with the text “The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression” in Firefox 3 (beta versions and RC1).

I didn’t investigate the cause, but a simple workaround is to disable the Firefox cache and re-visit the site. Not ideal, but it’ll get you by.


Jun 15th, 2008   6:00 pm

Bug 366023 - Content Encoding Error https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=366023 seems to be hot on the trail of this problem. There's a patch that says fixes it but it won't be able to make Firefox 3 w/o more testing and investigation.


Jun 15th, 2008   6:10 pm

Thanks for the pointer!
Jun 17th, 2008   5:26 pm

hi. After getting the problem in firefox rc1, I immediately tried opening up the same page( a wiki article) in Opera, and all I could see were encoded symbols in opera as well. Any clue? I can't get where the problem actually lies?
Jun 20th, 2008   2:53 am

Here's an easier way to do this: Ctrl+F5. It's the same idea as yours, since Ctrl+F5 forces to reload without cache. Thanks for the post (without it I wouldn't have thought of this either)!


Jun 20th, 2008   8:08 am

Worth a try, but it didn't work for me. Nor did a browser restart.
Jun 26th, 2008   9:29 am

[...] There are a couple of suggested workarounds here: Getting a "Content Encoding Error" message in Firefox? | CGarvey's Blog [...]
Jul 10th, 2008   12:01 am

The ctrl + F5 worked for me :P
Dec 21st, 2008   2:09 am

When I have this problem, IE will read the page. Ctrl + F5 works for me too.
Feb 6th, 2009   12:49 am

After installing 3.0.6 I ran into this problem. Clearing cache doesn't work for me. I have to use IE.
Apr 20th, 2009   8:08 pm

i'm having 'content encoding error' on FF and 'IE cannot display the webpage' in IE. does anyone know how to solve this?
Jun 4th, 2009   1:21 pm

my laptop has same problem, but i've install avast antivirus and avast found some infected file in windir\system32\ it was called btscs or something like that. after i removed this file evetything firefox and ie start working
Jul 8th, 2009   11:33 pm

Thank you Freiddie!!
Jan 11th, 2010   10:51 am

I just had same problem 5 mins ago, I am a php developer in Leicester, UK and it was happening because I had a php script with some whitespace before the opening <?php tag. I removed and suddenly it worked again in explorer 8 and firefox 3.5.7!
Brian Tate
Aug 14th, 2010   8:57 pm

I finally figured out, after many many hours of trial and error, and narrowed MY cause of this problem down to the fact that I run NetLimiter Lite 2.10.0 on my computer to shape my incoming traffic, so that I can still surf while I'm downloading. I found that when I disabled it, I didn't have any problems whatsoever, and when I re-enable it, problems come back. So I'm updating to 2.11.0 and hoping that will fix the problem. Good luck!
Nov 28th, 2010   2:01 pm

in my case, the error was caused by this line of code: ob_start("ob_gzhandler");
May 23rd, 2012   1:47 am

hi guys, this error is caused by a program that resides in C:\Windows\ and called AutoKMS.exe You can find this program by using your antivirus or anti spyware. hope this helps...
Jun 9th, 2012   3:38 am

Thank you Satya-below line was the culprit ob_start(“ob_gzhandler”);

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