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After plenty of Googling, I could find no easy way of importing content (news articles and links) from a Joomla install in to a new WordPress install. The closest I came across was
Mambo2WordPress (direct download), but the original author’s page has been removed, so I could no longer tell if it was being maintained.

It was late, I needed it done, Google was failing me, so I took that chap’s script and modified it to work with recent Joomla & WordPress installs and then added some!

No support is provided, and you’re free to do with this script as you wish (be nice and leave the notice/credits intact).


Download: Joomla2WordPress v1.0 zip file (~6KB).


From the enclosed readme.txt:

+ Unzip the downloaded zip file in your WordPress install
directory, and this will create a new joomla2wordpress directory.
+ In that new directory, edit config.php and supply the details
for the Joomla and WordPress databases.
+ Visit that new folder in your browser, and follow the instructions.
I.e. If your blog URL is http://www.myblog.com/wordpress/, then visit
http://www.myblog.com/wordpress/joomla2wordpress/ and follow instructions.


Leave a comment below if you need help. Be warned, though, it’ll be slow coming and might not come at all!


[...] Joomla to wordpress importer from Cathal. [...]
Dec 18th, 2008   5:06 pm

Getting this error on step 2 "Could not retrieve WordPress categories' Any idea why?


Dec 18th, 2008   5:19 pm

Maybe a WordPress version issue? If you let me know what version of WordPress you're using, I'll test further.
Dec 18th, 2008   10:21 pm

I don't know what to say ... only to offer a humble and earnest "THANKS!" Great script, worked flawlessly!
Jan 30th, 2009   7:36 am

Thank you very much! Very useful script!
Mar 1st, 2009   11:44 am

Hey, after Step 3 I get this error: INSERT INTO wp_term_relationships (object_id, term_taxonomy_id) VALUES ('66', '4') Query failed do you have an idea ?


Mar 1st, 2009   12:31 pm

What version of WordPress are you importing in to?
Mar 1st, 2009   5:20 pm

Aug 24th, 2009   5:47 am

"Query failed inserting Section" in between articles for the categories. I'm on Wordpress 2.8.4 from Joomla 1.0
Jun 17th, 2010   1:32 pm

[...] ????????Joomla2WordPress – A Joomla importer for WordPress??????????????????????????Joomla2Wordpress Import Wizard v.3?????????????????????????????php?????????XmiServer????????????????phpmyadmin??? [...]
Jun 23rd, 2010   11:54 am

“Query failed inserting Section” in between articles for the categories. I’m on Wordpress 2.8.4 from Joomla 1.0


Jun 23rd, 2010   1:28 pm

The script hasn't been changed to deal with later versions of WordPress/Joomla. There are 2 good alternatives, though. 1) A migration plugin for Wordpress: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/joomla-to-wordpress-migrator/ 2) A similar script : http://azeemkhan.info/2008/joomla2wordpress-import-wizard-v3/

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