dmg2iso that works!

Sep 20th, 2008   11:50 pm

I’ve been doing quite a bit of burning matches, old camera footage and some TV shows on to DVD. I edit them on my Mac first (usually using iMovie for importing DV, MPEG Streamclip for cropping/conversion and iDVD to package it up). However getting reliable DL DVDs to work on my MacBook’s Superdrive has proven quite difficult. I usually end up writing to an image and burning that image on my PC’s Pioneer 110D drive (a lot more tolerant of blank media).

When saving a DVD image in iDVD, it saves it to a .DMG file (the standard Mac OS X disc image file). I need to convert that to that to .ISO for my PC to burn it. I’d tried using dmg2iso from Johan Kvarnryd, but it provides no progrees feedback, appears to hang for the entire conversion process, and will fail to convert the majority of times. The good news is that it is simply a GUI to a command line method of doing it (using standard Mac OS X utilities). Here’s the nugget:

hdiutil convert DiscImage.dmg -format UDTO -o DiscImage.iso

It provides progress feedback and hasn’t failed on me yet. It can even be run within screen to let you do it remotely!