Someone should tell Nokia Ireland about the new N97

Dec 2nd, 2008   10:19 pm

Somebody should tell Nokia Ireland about the N97 because a search of their website for ‘n97’ reveals no results despite the internet being awash with coverage of the major Nokia release.

Google, for example, has 1.5m results for the same search term!

Engadget have a decent brief video review of the new device, if you have yet to see it.

My new battle is now do I wait for this, or get the G1 (I no longer need to worry about whether I get the iPhone 3G or the G1). That the N97 is still based on Symbian Series 60 worries me, as does its resistive touch-screen (rather than the much more responsive capacitive variant). However that’s a whole pile of features in a much better looking phone that the G1, that I just can’t ignore! Decisions, decisions!