Buenos Aires Grill quick review

Dec 17th, 2008   12:23 am

If you’re a steak fan, then you’ll want to try out Buenos Aires Grill! I’m a chef’s nightmare in that I like plain food, and I like my meat well cooked. However, I’ve found that you can pretty accurately judge a restaurant by the way it presents well-cooked meat! Whether your a bleeding or burnt steak fan, you’ll enjoy the steaks here, and it’s worth a visit.

Price was reasonable for the good quality food, selection was fairly refined (and greatly reduced if you are not a steak fan!). For a ball park figure, it was roughly €40 per head for a 3 course meal + coffee.

The restaurant is off the beaten track somewhat, so it’s easily overlooked, but it’s only a 2 minute walk across from Captiol on George’s St., Dublin, beside the new Radisson hotel.

Service was efficient but somewhat unprofessional, bordering on awkward. As we were there early there was plenty of waiting staff, and 2 girls practically tripping over themselves to help us. They were all very friendly, and very efficient, don’t get me wrong, just lacking a bit in communication skills and some etiquette (like let the last person finish eating before asking would we like dessert).

The other big caveat that needs to be mentioned is that they haven’t got their liquor licence in order, so can’t serve wine, or any alcohol. It didn’t bother any of us, but many like a nice wine to compliment a nice steak. I believe this is temporary, but it’s worth noting none the less.

The atmosphere was nice and relaxed, no blaring music, and a nicely aired room with adequate lighting.

All in all, we were all very pleased with all of our meals, especially the quality of the steaks. Full marks for the food (quality anyway, if not selection), and price. Reduced marks for lack of alcohol (and a slight reduction for the service professionalism).