4 Cancelling Setanta Sports (UK/Ireland)

Jan 16th, 2009   10:37 pm

A good few visitors have come across my blog searching for cancellation instructions/experiences, so here’s my take on it, having cancelled recently. This information is relevant to Setanta Sports UK & Ireland (not sure what process is in place for US / Australia), and it’s only for satellite (not NTL/UPC cable) customers.

Over a year ago, Setanta switched to a monthly contract (for new users, obviously), and it was then I joined, not wanting to commit to 12 months (given that Hurling and Rugby are my only sporting interests.

The rolling monthly contract requires 30 days notice. Notice served is effective from the next billing date. In other words you’ll always have to pay at least an other month’s subscription after serving your notice.

Up until recently, Setanta required written notice be posted (for Irish subscriptions anyway) to:

Setanta Sports DSAT
P O Box 182
The Quays
BT35 5AS

However they now accept cancellation notices via email at requests@setanta.com. You just need to quote your account number. You can find the account number on the written confirmation of your subscription that you got when you signed up, or you can ring Customer Care and get it by quoting your Sky Viewing card number (Services > System Details on your Sky menu).

If you want a discounted subscription for, usually, 3 months, you can ring customer care and explain you want to cancel. They’ll put you through to their Loyalty Team who will, invariably, offer you a reduced subscription for a number of months.

A bonus for all you on bundled call plans (cell/mobile, landline or VoIP). The geographical number (not the 0818 / 0845 which usually are not included in call bundles/plans) for the Loyalty Team is +441915013482 , but that probably changes a bit.


Feb 4th, 2009   2:43 pm

They dont really have 3 month deals anymore, they are 6 and 12 month deals that are fantastic value
Shaun Campbell
Mar 25th, 2009   6:15 pm

did you use the email option when cancelling? If so how long did it take for them to acknowledge the email? Do they have standard TAT - searched their website and can't find a thing which indicates what their response times are. Been in Callcentre industry 13 years and have to say Setanta are a bit of a joke


Mar 25th, 2009   6:23 pm

PJ, 12 months would be great value alright, but I haven't heard of those deals being given out. Of the 7 people in a similar position (over the last 2-3 months), 1 has been offered 6 months (was a subscriber for over 4 years), and all the others were offered 3 months. Shaun, yes I used the email option. I sent my notice in on the 23rd of December, but didn't get a response until the 9th of January. So, even allowing for Christmas, that was well over a week. The cancellation notice takes effect from the next billing date, so I was lucky (I think mine was the 12th), that the delay didn't span yet another billing cycle!
Patrick Hinchon
Aug 7th, 2019   8:16 pm

Setanta took a yearly subscription from my account on the 11/2/2019. They knew the package of channels I was paying for would only be available until the end of July 2019. I think that is reckless trading.

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