Decisions for Heroes review (TuesdayPush)

May 19th, 2009   12:30 pm

There’s a wealth of web applications addressing all sorts of needs. With the focus, these days, on all things social media and social networking, specific vertical markets are often left behind.

Decisions For HeroesToday, sees a reversal of that trend as Robin Blandford, of ByteSurgery, officially launched Decisions For Heroes, after a lengthy and exhaustive beta period. Robin also works in the vertical market the site is aimed at, rescue incident management, which brings a wealth of experience to the application. Not content with that, Robin worked with large and small rescue operations during a beta phase to make sure the application covered the incident management practices of a wide audience.

Incident management is more about recording, with a good level of field-specific detail, a given incident and to then be able to analyse trends in that data at a later date. Decisions For Heroes allows users to record rescue incidents, keep track of certification, some basic resource management, built in communication and notification, manage non-rescue incidents (such as training and events), and all in an easy, and clearly well-researched UI.

Take the Decisions For Heroes tour to get a more complete run down of the application’s capabilities. Price plans start from €40 which might seem expensive for a web application, but not when you break it down. It’s not €40/user, for a start, and when you examine the man hours spent on recording and reporting, you’ll find significant time savings with Decisions For Heroes.

Robin has spotted a way a web application could help a life-saving vertical market, has built a fantastic application, has involved plenty of field-expertise (aside from his own) and delivered an absolutely fantastic solution for the market. If you look at the video and tour, you’ll see the level of detail has been well thought out, and that this is not a thrown-together application done on the cheap.

Congratulations to Robin and ByteSurgery, for delivering!