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Larry Mullen tells me to F*** off?

Feb 4th, 2005   8:27 am

In a letter to his fans, Larry Mullen said
By the way, a note to those so-called U2 fans who are quick to accuse
U2 of unseemly behaviour, I’ve only got two words for you…

Cheers Larry. So not alone am I not a U2 fan, I’m also to go and F*** off, because you (and yours) decided to pick a technology partner who has clearly demonstrated an inability to perform the job, time and time again; who choose to charge one of the highest (if not the highest) commission in the service industry. How hard is it to get decent hardware to support a queuing system? Not that hard. Are ticketmaster up to the job? Clearly not. Is that U2 fans’ fault? Clearly not. Have they a right to complain at a crap decision by U2? Absolutely! Especially if they signed up to the farce that is premium membership of

So Larry, I say 2 things to you:
1) Get some direction on how to treat your fan base
2) “F*** you right back”

Planxty as good as ever?

Jan 21st, 2005   2:33 am

Having spent as long getting out of Dublin (granted, it was peak hour) as it took us to travel from the airport to Belfast, making us late for Luka Bloom support, and the start of the Planxty concert, I can still say it was well worth it, the half we did see. It was great music, banter and craic .. and the Waterfront in Belfast is a lovely auditorium, albeit a little big for this intimate affair.

Christy Moore summed it up when he said it was great to see the hall full, even though most people there never saw the original band live. I like lots of different types of music (and not just old fogey stuff!!), but this was truely a fine rendition of Irish tradtitional music. It was clear to see the lads were mainly there for the music, and not the money.

I’d highly recommend a Planxty concert to those anyway interested in that type of music. If you do travel to Belfast, though, be sure to bring good directions, as relying on signage is not an option (and of course, if male, you’re not allowed to ask for directions!).

Clampers changed already

Dec 16th, 2004   4:38 pm

So I’ve read in the past about the new clamping contract (for Dublin City) being awarded to Park Rite. I also understood that all staff would be undergoing a training program to improve their well publicised lack of customer service skills (and general social skills in a lot of cases I heard about).
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