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1 Review (TuesdayPush)

Mar 10th, 2009   6:37 pm

Munster Rugby is arguably the most successful club/provincial rugby brand in the northern hemisphere. You know a rugby brand is successful when you have a huge portion of followers from an opposing club or province. It’s the Man United of rugby!
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Tuesday Push

Feb 24th, 2009   6:08 pm

(Tuseday Push Logo)I’ve been meaning to get on board the Tuesday Push, properly this time. The idea is that a group of Irish web based companies (or just sites!) promote each other’s products in a coordinated way. It’s a form of a leg up from your peers, as it were.
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Buenos Aires Grill quick review

Dec 17th, 2008   12:23 am

If you’re a steak fan, then you’ll want to try out Buenos Aires Grill! I’m a chef’s nightmare in that I like plain food, and I like my meat well cooked. However, I’ve found that you can pretty accurately judge a restaurant by the way it presents well-cooked meat! Whether your a bleeding or burnt steak fan, you’ll enjoy the steaks here, and it’s worth a visit.
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